Chicken Farm approvals

Chicken farms (or poultry farms) are a popular development for rural areas but can be contentious development applications due to a preconceived notion of the perceived impact of the development on the locality. We have helped a number of farmers gain approval for chicken farms (as well as duck and other poultry farming). The best way to gain approval for the development is to submit the application as a poultry farm to allow for the change of livestock where the demand requires it.

How an application is made

Poultry farm applications have to be preemptive in regards to how it will be received within the community. The best way to address a poultry farm application is to make sure all the relevant aspects of the development are addressed as part of the development application.


What is required for the submission of a Poultry Farm Development Application

The following documents and reports are generally required for all poultry farm applications:

Required documents

Survey Plan

Architectural drawings (site plan, floor plans, elevations and sections)

Acoustic report – messuring the noise generated as a result of the development application

Bushfire report – Required where the site is located within a bushfire area.

Odor assessment – A odor assessment is required from a registered professional to determine the impact the development will have on the surrounding neghbours.

Traffic Impact Assessment – This report provides an assessment on the development site including the truck movements for unloading and loading of livestock and feed for the farm.

Plan of management – A plan of management is generally required for poultry farm developments. The plan of mangement provides details regarding the operation of the site and additional information regarding house neighbour complaints are managed.


Designated development

Designated development is a type of development that required a report called a Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). This is for poultry farms that meet the following criteria:

39 Poultry farms
(1) Development for the purposes of a poultry farm is designated development if the poultry farm—
(a) accommodates more than 250,000 birds, or
(b) is located within 500 metres of another poultry farm.
(2) Development for the purposes of a poultry farm is designated development if the poultry farm—
(a) accommodates more than 10,000 birds, and
(b) is located within—
(i) 100 metres of a natural waterbody or wetland, or
(ii) a drinking water catchment, or
(iii) 500 metres of a residential zone or 150 metres of a dwelling not associated with the development and, in the consent authority’s opinion, considering topography and local meteorological conditions, is likely to significantly affect the amenity of the neighbourhood because of noise, odour, dust, lights, traffic or waste.

If your development complies with the above then it is classified as designated development and an environmental impact statement. This entails some strict criteria from the NSW Planning department on how the application is assessed. 

How to get help with your development application?

For any poultry development we recommend obtaining a town planner to assist with the development approval. We can provide a cost effective fee for us to assist with your development application. Please fill out the contact form below for us to assist with your development application.