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Cessnock area is an area that is currently one of the areas within the Hunter Valley that is experiencing a boom with developers and investors from Sydney and abroad wanting to to seek new developments such as tourist accommodation, vineyards, poultry farms and so much more! 

No one knows the Cessnock town planning more than Town Planning Collective with our Principal Planner having worked for Council within the Hunter Valley. We have extensive experience in obtaining development applications approvals for developments with CessnockCouncil working with a variety of local architects and building designers.

We know how the Council works and the processes and policies that can be the difference between an approval or a refusal. We have helped many of our clients within Cessnock Council area, obtain development approval and know how to navigate Cessnock Council.

Our Key Services

Statement of Environmental Effects

The corner stone of any development application! The statement of environmental effects of SoEE is a required document under the EP&A Act and provides an account for what the project entails and if the development complies with the relevant standards and controls.

Development Applications

Lodging development applications is one of our primary tasks for clients. The DA Lodgement is complex and different for every Council so most of our clients engage us to lodge the application on their behalf to their Council.

Objection Letters

Neighbour development objection letters are one of our most frequent enquiries. Our principal planning has an extensive experience in objection letters and can assist you with mitigating your concerns regarding the development application.

Advice and Support

Most Council duty planners have an extensive backlog (and when they are contacted they provide little to no information) so we provide a free advice and support service. Book a 15 minute free discussion today and see how we can answer your enquiries.

Cessnock Council's best town planning firm

You should have the best town planners with local knowledge working for your development application! Our local experience and knowledge means that all of our Development Applications for Council have been approved!

Why Choose Us

Experts in our field

We have extensive experience in town planning for the Hunter Valley and can assist you with any of your development application issues.

Competive Quotes

We pride ourselves in providing competitive and comprehensive quotes that provide expert reports for a competitive price.

Fast Turn Around

We know time is money so we always try to deliver our reports in a fast turn around. We offer service agreements for our regular clients for piece of mind!

We Care

Just have a chat with our principal planner and you will see that we do this not just because it is our job, but because it is our passion!

The type of developments we work with...

Cessnock LGA is experiencing a development boom over the last three years and the boom continues despite the interest rate rise. Savy property developers are maximising on their developments while there is a lull in sales so that once the sale prices rise again they will be on the front foot. Below is an example of some of the development types we assist with for their approvals!

Dwelling House

Our top enquiry is in relation to a dwelling house and how to push the envelope on the development potential. We have helped many of our clients get the home of their dreams despite height limits and floor space ratio restrictions.

Dual Occupancy

Every other general enquiry we receive is in regard to whether a Dual occupancy is permissible for their site. This is a council specific enquiry and we are more than happy to assist our clients with their concerns!

Multi-dwelling housing

Why build 2 houses when you could build 4! Multi dwelling housing, also known as terrace housing or town houses, allows you to build multiple dwellings on the one lot and then subdivide through strata subdivision.

Tourism Development

The Hunter Valley is becoming the destination for Sydney and Local investments for tourist accommodation. The area is seeing a boom for small cabin style short term tourist developments. We have extensive experience with these types of development and would be happy to assist gain your approval.


Change of use for a restaurant/cafe or a takeaway food venue is a common Council development application we assist with. whether it is a new trendy cafe in the Cessnock CBD, a new restaurant at Lovedale or a Boutique Beer Bar, we can help get your approval!


Subdivision has become an easy access to money for many first time developers who wish to maximise on their return while the prices are still high! Many of our clients are taking advantage of generous minimum lot sizes and subdividing their properties into two or more lots.

Vineyards and Entertainment

The Hunter Valley is built on the Vineyards and the diverse developments that are associated with the vineyards such as cellar doors, recreational facilities and breweries. We have a wide experience in obtaining approval for all these types of development within the Hunter Valley.

Commercial/Industrial Buildings

Commercial or industrial buildings are specific buildings to their business or industrial zonings. These types of developments require expertise from an experienced town planner to assist with the approval.

Fitness studio/gym

Fitness studios/gyms or other types of recreational facilities are as popular as ever! We have assisted many clients with their DA approval for change of use for their fitness industry business.