Change of use Development Application for heritage items

Change of use and fitouts for cafes, shops etc within heritage buildings or conservation areas require Council approval. Find out what is required with any development application to obtain your approval and start operating.

Preliminary Town Planning Feasibility Report

Are you looking at purchasing a property and want to know what you can do with the site? Or maybe you already own a property and want to know how you can maximise the site. We can assist with a preliminary town planning report to determine what is permissible within your zoning.

Dual Occupancy on the Sydney Northern Beaches

Dual occupancy on the Northern Beaches is in demand and we take the time to explain where you should look and the limitations to obtaining a development application for dual occupancy on the Northern Beaches. We explain the different zoning requirements across the three Local Environmental Plans (Manly, Warringah and Pittwater) and give you some inside information on development.

Town Planning for sex services (brothel)

How do you gain approval for sex services (brothel)? We discuss selecting a site, the development application process for Council approval and how to overcome the issues with the approval process.

Chicken Farm (Poultry Farm) approvals

Are you looking at chicken farming? Get the experience of a town planning firm that has assisted many farmers obtain their approvals. We provide details on how to obtain approval for your poultry farm!

How to write a development objection letter like a town planner

Development objection letters are a source of pain and confusion for many home owners. Have you received a notification in the mail about a development application and want to write a submission. We outline some steps to help you prepare a Council development application objection letter and be successful for changes to the DA or even Refusal! Learn how to review the plans, ask for more time and put together a simple, cohesive objection letter.